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God’s Lies and Lucifer’s truth.    

God known as to be the creator of everything. The creator of all angels in Heaven…He even created Lucifer. Lucifer is suppose to be known as the most beautiful angel in Heaven. A lot of Christians say he is jealous of God creating us. I see no jealously or no hatred in Lucifer. He is quite a friendly guy and pretty chill.

Here is where is starts. Lucifer disliked what God was doing, meaning that God was lying and manipulating others behind the others backs. Trying to deceive them into his lies and getting them to believe it. Lucifer tried to get the others to know the real truth about what God was really doing. The 3rd of Heaven decided to follow the truth that Lucifer was teaching. Yes of course God got mad at those who chose to follow the truth that Lucifer was teaching and he kicked them out of heaven. So those who don’t know that Lucifer doesn’t have a body but his soul still lives to teach us the truth. He is one of the greatest teachers ever known.

What is God’s power like?

About God’s power, he wants more power. He wants more people to worship him. He likes seeing many people suffer. Even the harder they pray he doesn’t do anything. The harder to people pray to him, the more they praise him, he can gain more power like that from them. Sometimes I feel that God wanted to make Lucifer look evil so he can gain more power.

The truth about Heaven.

Many Christians think heaven is all beautiful. In heaven there is a church and that is where the slavery is held at. They will be praising God for all eternity, they are being forced to do it. Jesus known as the slave master. God is the one who wants everyone to be his slave. The more you listen to God’s lies the more you are his puppet to control.

About God’s Lies.

Therefore were the other Gods, We live in a world created by a God who is evil who probably wants more power than the other God’s. Many Christians believe God created everything. He created everything like diseases, children born sick and about to die, born with disabilities, cancer, and born with other problems but they don’t want to believe that he created that. God is not love and nor he is good. A lot Christians want to believe it was Lucifer who was the one who created diseases and other things to make us humans suffer… God was the one who created this world and created things to make us suffer.

So from everything I have said, does it make sense to you? If you are seeing the truth from what you have read, you will understand the truth about Gods lies. You will be FREE from the Bondage of God. IF you are gullible to believe everything God wants you to believe and his lies, YOU will be in the Bondage of slavery of God.


„Pes, kterého uzdravíš, tě nikdy nekousne. To je hlavní rozdíl mezi zvířetem a člověkem.“ Mark Twain