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Rajajinagar is one of the bustling residential localities in Bangalore. It consists of bus terminals, metro and ample number of auto/cab service. The neighbouring areas like Malleshwaram, Vijayanagar and many more attracts tourists in heavy number. There are many hotels near Rajajinagar, Bangalore and you can easily book them online from Redbus.in hotels at discounted rates. You can opt for your preferred location/venue of stay via online and confirm booking your hotel room in a few easy steps. Go through all the amenities and other requirements from the list of hotels and choose the one that fits you the most. You can decide on any of the hotels that are located close to bus stand, railway station, surrounding the main city area or near commercial area. It takes less time to book and guarantees a comfortable stay before your arrival at Salem. Once your accommodation choice is sorted well, you can plan for your itinerary without facing any difficulty. Once you book your hotel room, you shall receive a confirmation via email/SMS; remember to carry a printout of the booking confirmation copy on the day of your check-in at the hotel.
Here is a list of hotels in Rajajinagar, Bangalore that can be reserved online are mentioned below, depending on their appropriate location and service offerings. Guests as a rule favour these stays offer every basic amenities and adds value to your money. This accumulation of accommodations should help you to choose your optimal stay convenience in Rajajinagar with no bothers.
1. Rekha Residency: It located on the highway connecting many other places. Easily accessible by people travelling by car or any personal vehicle. They offer exclusive meeting rooms and various styles of accommodation suiting any business or leisure traveller.
2. Mango Hotels Prajwal: The hotel is located close to the bus stand and shopping areas. It is just 30kms from airport; it offers a great accessibility to other places of interest too.
3. Sree Balaji Residency International: The hotel provides a wide variety of rooms in the category of AC and Non AC. The position of the hotel allows guest to access all the places of interests without any difficulty.

4. Sunil Residency: The hotel property offers a wide variety of rooms at a low rate.  It also personifies indulgent hospitality at its best. All rooms are fully equipped and guests can access various places from here.
5. GT Residency: It is a fully integrated hotel with all basic facilities offering comfort. It is an ideal stay option for travellers seeking for a bit of luxury within a reasonable budget.
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Daniel bennet

That Singapore is one giant shopping mall is a fact I cannot deny, not when I have just recently visited and been swept off my feet by the Lion City. I shopped till I dropped, literally! I dropped on my hotel room bed, thankfully, but the happiness that came with packing bags upon bags of goodies to carry home cannot be replaced by any other. 

Arriving at Orchard Road is no trouble at all. It is stretched across a 2.5 km road.  Shopping on Orchard Road is a treat. However, don’t forget to carry your credit cards as the prices can be quite high. It is supposed to be the entertainment hub and a major tourist attraction of Singapore. Be sure to bargain for the product you wish to buy else you will land up paying a heavy price. All and all it is a good place to walk around and buy. 

I took my tickets from redbus.sg and the rest of journey went by without any hiccups.

Your shopping bonanza in Singapore must begin with the discovery and exploration of the gigantic Orchard Road. For someone with a fashion style sense that reads something like, ‘feminine rock’, there are not many places that I can safely cater to this need of mine. Until I walked through Orchard Road and into Wheelock Palace, in the basement of which lies the feminine rock fashion paradise—Rosebullet.

ION Orchard is another popular landmark on Orchard Road. If it is your last day here and want to quicky lay your hands shopping, then this is the place for you. It is said to be Singapore’s first multi-sensory experiential shopping and lifestyle mall. It is a huge shopping complex and amply crowded.  And it sure didn’t disappoint! The land where the brands dwell, this gargantuan mall is home to more than 300 stores, including Charles & Keith, Miu Miu, Giorgio Armani, Dolcce & Gabbana, Dior, etc.  You get anything you want in this place and ot just branded but also other normal or local brands. The other best thing is if you are tired and hungry and done with your shopping there are lots of restaurants, café around where you can refresh yourself with some good eateries and drinks. It is much recommended place to visit when in Singapore.

For chic street fashion wear, enter Far East Plaza that is situated at the heart of Orchard Road. T-shirts, dresses, accessories, you name it and you will find its trendiest streetwear option. 

Spoilt for choice

Today, Orchard Road is flanked by iconic shopping malls, restaurants and hotels, choc-a-bloc with retail, dining and entertainment choice for every taste and budget. Designer threads, fast fashion, upscale restaurants, ethnic wares, art galleries and relaxed hangouts – you name it, Orchard Road has it.

Here’s a tip: while the almond and jambu trees are no more, huge angsana trees lining the large pedestrian mall give ample shade from the blazing sun – making this still a nice place to stroll.

robin roy

Pune is the capital city of Maharashtra, recognized as one of the most important cities of India. The city consisting of less crowd and the moderate-paced lifestyle serves as a great travel destination filled with adventure and excitement. As a major destination of travel, this city displays many attractions and thus witnesses a good number of tourists/visitors every year. Visitors flock to the city or commute from Pune to other location via railways, busways or airways. Pune offers a good number of accommodation selection spread across in various parts of the city. 

This beautiful city holds a modern infrastructure enabling travellers to stay at their convenient location anywhere in Pune, considering Shivajinagar area is one of the most preferred place to take up an accommodation. As, this area comprises of a busy railway station and a bus terminal creating a major public communication scene. In addition, people prefer to opt for hotels near Shivajinagar, Pune and access all other the commercial places around it. Finding hotels in Shivajinagar, Pune is not a difficult job, as you can look up online hotels at redbus and choose an ideal stay within your budget. Browsing several categories of hotels listed at discounted rates and undergoing an easy room booking procedure will be of no hassle. Simply carry your booking confirmation copy in the hotel premises and enjoy your stay!

Pune has a flourishing industrial and economical structure attracting various types of travellers all throughout the year. Whereas, Shivajinagar area is lined up with restaurants (food at reasonable price), shops and an ample accessibility to active public transportation like the city bus service. The constant public transport activity makes it one of the most bustling areas in Pune that is frequented by the number of people on regular basis. The accommodation around the region offers all basic amenities and most of them are budget friendly. Some of the pros of staying around this place includes, locating yourself in the busy area of Shivajinagar, visiting all points of interests and access other locations without any difficulty. Here is a list of hotels mentioned below just to ensure a friendly stay in Shivajinagar and help you to choose an appropriate accommodation option offering a good location. These stays in Shivajinagar can be booked online and be assured as they are decently priced.

1. Hotel Krishna Presidency: The hotel offers culinary creativity and all other amenities at an affordable cost.

2. The Centurion Hotel:  This is a boutique hotel, ideal stay choice for the ones looking for a little luxury at a decent price. Located very close to the Shivajinagar railway station. 

3. Hotel Chetak: The budget hotel offers easy access to shopping centres, banks, post office, parks, restaurants, the world renowned BKS Iyengar Yoga Institute in close vicinity.  Besides, the Pune airport and railway station is located at a close distance. 

4. Swan Inn: It is situated in a business hub in Pune offering a proximity to the railway station. The hotel deliver warm hospitality and ensures that you have a great stay experience.

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ryan lee

Yogyakarta adalah salah satu dari 32 provinsi yang ada di Indonesia. Penduduk setempat menyebutnya sebagai salah satu pusat budaya terbesar yang ada di Jawa. Wilayah yang indah ini terletak di kaki Gunung Merapi yang aktif. Pada abad ke-16 dan ke-17 tempat ini dianggap sebagai pusat Kekaisaran Jawa yang kuat. Untuk beberapa alasan, saya merasa kota itu memiliki pesona khusus yang benar-benar memikat para pengunjung. Yogyakarta adalah salah satu daerah yang paling padat penduduknya di Indonesia. Pengrajin local di Yogyakarta sangat unggul dalam kerajinan batik, perak, dan kulit. Tempat ini sering dikenal sebagai pintu gerbang utama ke Jawa Tengah karena tepat seperti lokasi yang digambarkan secara geografis. Saya melihat peta sambal berkeliling dan menyadari bahwa kota Yogyakarta terbentang dari Gunung Merapi sampai ke Samudra Hindia. 

Kota ini lebih dari sekedar pusat budaya dan dikenal cukup hidup dan surga bagi para pembelanja. Jalan utama selalu ramai pengunjung tepatnya di jalan Malioboro. Terimakasih untuk budaya jajanan malam yang selalu ramai di pinggir jalan yang mana telah dijual oleh pedagang kaki lima dipinggir jalan yang membentang berderet di satu jalur tersebut. Beberapa toko turis dan hotel-hotel murah berada di tempat yang strategis tepat di sisi seberang pedagang kaki lima tersebut. Kunci daya tarik dari kota ini adalah Keraton Sultan. Untuk berwisata ke Keraton Sultan, lebih baik anda jadwalkan pada hari terakhir wisata anda di Yogyakarta karena hamper dibutuhkan satu setengah hari. Oleh karena itu, saya memesan tiket di redbus.id pada hari terakhir saat saya berkunjung ke Keraton Sultan.

Situs jejaringnya memberikan info bahwa disana hanya ada dua Operator yang melakukan perjalanan dari Yogyakarta menuju ke Jakarta. Pahala Kencana adalah Operator yang saya pilih untuk memesan tiket menuju Jakarta karena harganya yang murah dan saya tidak ingin menghabiskan banyak uang hanya untuk sebuah perjalanan. Operator ini memiliki banyak jadwal perjalanan yang dapat dipilih dan hampir setiap dua jam bus melakukan perjalanan yang dimulai dari jam 12.30 di siang hari hingga jam 17.00 petang. Harga tiket yang ditawarkan kepada saya hanya IDR 180.000,- dan total durasi perjalanan yang ditempuh adalah sekitar 7 jam. Jika diantara kalian mencari perjalanan dengan fasilitas yang mewah, anda dapat memesan tiket anda dengan Rendra Travel yang mana ini adalah Operator bus yang berkelas. Harga tiket yang ditawarkan terbilang cukup tinggi yaitu dimulai dari IDR 255.000.

Sesampainya di Jakarta, saya hanya dapat melihat kerumunan orang, kemacetan dan urbanisasi, dan ini cukup menjelaskan kepada saya bahwa ini adalah gambaran ibu kota Indonesia. Kota yang indah ini memiliki sejarah yang kaya dan beragam. Banyak orang-orang melihat kearah saya pada awalnya tetapi akhirnya saya merasa seperti saya adalah salah satu dari mereka. Kota ini dipenuhi dengan berbagai kontras arsitektur kuno maupun modern dengan campuran budaya Asia dan Asia Tenggara. Ada banyak pengaruh Belanda dan Islam pada masyarakat Jakarta. Ada banyak hal yang bisa dilihat di sini mulai dari bangunan-bangunan Belanda hingga kompleks kuil Cina. Jika Anda memiliki anggaran yang minim, Anda dapat tinggal di dekat Jakarta Pusat karena pilihan akomodasi di sini relatif lebih murah dibandingkan dengan kota lainnya.

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jass smith

Amritsar, the land of the magnificent ‘Golden Temple’ that attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the world. I was completely soaked in its grandiosity. This city comprises of delectable cuisine and holds a rich historical background. I was on my long tour, busy in exploring Amritsar and suddenly came up with plans of visiting Delhi. Moreover, getting around the city of Amritsar is simply fulfilled by a number of auto rickshaws, these are considered cheap and one of the favourable way of touring around the city. A day in this typical city starts with prayers in the huge Gurudwaras. This beautiful place is a major cultural and spiritual centre of the Sikhs. One of the best times to visit Amritsar to know more about their culture is during the festive occasion of Baisakhi. It is during Baisakhi that the some of the best and finest food is served at all local food joints here. 

Since Delhi can be easily travelled by bus from Amritsar, my friends came up with the ideal choice of visiting the capital city of India. It was a 9 hours bus journey, but there was no hassles as we booked bus tickets online from redbus.in . Considering our quick plan, we did not get much of choice and booked a PEPSU AC bus. We boarded the bus around 10pm and reached Delhi ISBT Kashmiri Gate at 7:15am. It was a comfortable overnight bus journey! Our group of four friends enjoyed travelling by bus!

After experiencing Amritsar, it was time for Delhi. After all, it was the first time we were visiting Delhi. We were excited to sight the medieval landmarks, colonial-era buildings and town planning, bustling lanes, dusty bazaars, with modern touch of trendy bars and shops. 

I have heard that Delhi is well known for its gastronomic pleasure and a shopper’s delight. In short, there is numerous things to see and do in Delhi, and many reasons to love the city. The best thing about the city is that it is well allied with a great road system that enhances busways. A few of the attractions in Delhi that was included in our travel list were Lal Qila or Red Fort, Qutb Minar, Lotus Temple and Humayun’s Tomb. On your trip to Delhi you will realise that Delhi has everything from huge shopping malls to ancient monuments. You will require several days to explore the whole of Delhi and I would recommend you to allot the maximum days for this beautiful place. The city has practically two sides to it one is the Old Delhi and the other side of it is New Delhi. Old Delhi features Mughal style narrow lanes and structures and the newer part of Delhi is bustling with rapid infrastructure development. One of the best places to visit if you are looking for some time with nature is the Lodi Gardens. The plush greenery is quite pleasing to the eyes. The best time to visit this garden is early in the morning when there are little or no visitors.

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smith debin

Yeshwanthpur is one of the popular areas in Bangalore. It consists of a very strong connectivity with the rest of the city. This place has a railway station, metro and bus station. Apart from having a smooth connectivity, it also consists of a wide range of hotels. Most of the hotels near Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore comes in various categories that offer ample amount of convenience to many commuters. Yet, the range of budget hotels does not fail to satisfy the basic needs of visitors. Anyone can easily book any budget stay at redbus hotels and opt for an ideal hotel within their budget. Booking a prior hotel room always keeps you tension-free and help to pick up a comfortable stay without straining your pocket too much. Do not forget to carry your booking confirmation copy on the day of travel.  

You can decide where to stay and visit all the places of attractions. Booking your hotel room in advance helps you to avoid hassles and decide the well-suited stay option while being in Yeshwanthpur. Visitors coming from different places prefer disparate categories of budget stays such as accommodations near railway station, near main city and stays surrounding commercial areas. Booking online hotels come with discounts, guest reviews and description of all service offerings and many more. There are a good number of hotels spread all across Yeshwanthpur, they all offer separate location and accessibility depending on their pricing and demand.

Here is a list of budget hotels in Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore for all those folks travelling on a tight budget. The suggestion of hotels below has been based on their location and service offerings. 

1. Nava Nidhi Comforts: All guests can experience opulent luxury all without burning a hole in the pocket. Easily reachable from all city locations like railway stations, shopping areas and many more.

2. Deeya Suites: This conveniently located hotel property, which offers imperative amenities and well-appointed rooms for a pleasant stay in the commercial city.

3. Veekay Regency: The hotels property comes in a good location offering ample amount of accessibility to all major locations for the guests.

4. Sree Nandanam Residency: It is located close to the bus stand and offers clean bed and bath. They also provide good food, efficient service offerings and easy access to all other public places.

5. Cinnamon Residency: this hotel provides a wide variety of rooms in the category of AC and Non AC. The position of the hotel allows guest to access all the places of interests without any difficulty.

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„Když už člověk jednou je, tak má koukat aby byl. A když kouká, aby byl a je, tak má být to, co je a nemá být to, co není, jak tomu v mnoha případech je.“ Jan Werich